Magana's 'Teeth' is a haunting, evocative journey through spiritual depths

Magana, a true force in the realm of witchy, spectral pop, unveils a sonic masterpiece with her latest album, 'Teeth'. This captivating record defies simple labels, seamlessly blending elements of acid folk and alt-pop with an ethereal grace inspired by the likes of Torres, Sharon Van Etten, and Andy Shauf. It's a testament to the artist's dynamic musical background, honed through her time as a bassist alongside Mitski and Lady Lamb.

Born in California's Bakersfield and trained at the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Magana weaves her diverse experiences into a tapestry of introspective soundscapes. 'Teeth' is a fearless exploration of vulnerability, the yearning for self-acceptance, and the existential questions that linger at the fringes of our minds. Tracks like 'Girl in Chains' and 'Beside You' delve into these haunting themes with poetic depth and raw sonic beauty.

A highlight of the album, 'Break Free', showcases Magana's power to transport listeners into her dreamlike realm. Shimmering guitars and ghostly synths cascade around her vocals, which exude fierce yet delicate intensity. This song, and indeed the whole album, is an immersive experience crafted with care and an ear for both intimate moments and expansive sonic atmospheres.

Magana's careful use of instrumentation is a standout feature of 'Teeth'. Acoustic guitars, lush strings, and subtle touches of wind instruments create a richness that enhances the emotional impact of her work. This focus on production and arrangement is clear even on the closing track, the achingly beautiful 'Girl in Chains'.

'Teeth' stands tall as tangible proof of the transformative power of music. With otherworldly melodies, evocative lyrics, and a production style that envelopes the listener, Magana offers a fourteen-track journey of healing and self-discovery. This album, recorded at home and mixed by her husband and drummer Jonathan Smith (mastered by Michael Disanto), is intimate, powerful, and set to echo in the minds of listeners long after the final notes fade.

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