Malibu Spacey's Debut Album Is A Journey Through 70s-Inspired Folk and Alt-Rock

Melbourne's Malibu Spacey, purveyors of 70s-inspired folk and alt-rock, have finally released their debut album, 'Good In Small Doses', after a series of impressive singles. This 43-minute masterpiece is a testament to their meticulously crafted music, blending melody and style with power, authenticity, and humour.

The album evokes memories of Laurel Canyon, Big Star, and The Byrds, while incorporating the slick glam and alt-folk of contemporary acts like The Lemon Twigs and Angel Olsen. This unique sound showcases a songwriting maturity that belies their years. It's a fusion of folk and rock influences, resulting in a refreshing and captivating musical experience.

"Musically, I'm always inspired to write songs that don't feel obvious," says Evan Jones, Malibu Spacey's vocalist. "I really like chord progressions that are out of the ordinary, songs that subtly change key, songs that are modal – but all still within a fairly typical pop song form that's recognisable and approachable."

Formed in 2017, Malibu Spacey has evolved with minor line-up changes, solidifying their current members in late 2023. This album is a true labour of love, a collective project drawing upon each member's vast array of influences, from 60s and 70s pop and folk to psych, prog, alternative, and garage.

The album's content is diverse and introspective, exploring themes of washed-up pop stars, childhood fears, death and reincarnation, masculinity, drive-in murders, and career choices, all told with Jones' signature humour. Recorded at various locations in Victoria, including a beach house in Rye, the album captures a snapshot of the band's life and evolution.

Malibu Spacey has garnered consistent support from media outlets, including Happy Mag, Beat, and Trouble Juice, along with airplay on radio stations like RRR, PBS, RTR FM, and 2XX. This debut album promises to further solidify their place in the Australian music scene.

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