Multi-platinum artist Chillinit and indigomerkaba share new single 'Round & Round'

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The Australian hip-hop scene is buzzing with the release of 'Round & Round', a fiery new collaboration between multi-platinum artist Chillinit and the rapidly ascending indigomerkaba. This track isn't just a showcase of raw lyrical talent – it's a testament to the unpredictable twists and turns of the music industry and the power of genuine connection.

Just a few months ago, indigomerkaba was an underground sensation, gaining traction with gritty freestyles and undeniable charisma. His breakout moment came during a viral TakeFlight freestyle where he boldly shouted out Chillinit, expressing a desire to collaborate with the established star. Fast forward to March 2024, and that dream has become a reality.

Produced by the renowned BADRAPPER (known for his work on Chillinit's smash hit 'Henny & Reefer'), 'Round & Round' delivers a classic boom-bap soundscape. Over the hard-hitting beat, Chillinit and indigomerkaba trade verses with unflinching honesty. They delve into the complexities of fatherhood, the struggles of substance abuse, and the often-isolating nature of fame. Yet, within the darkness, there's a flicker of hope as they lay out their aspirations for a better future.

The collaboration and upcoming tour mark a significant milestone for indigomerkaba. This time last year, he was a hungry underdog; now, he's sharing the stage with one of Australia's biggest hip-hop acts. Their chemistry on "Round & Round" suggests this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

'Round & Round' arrives just in time to amp up the hype for Chillinit's massive 420 Oz Crawl regional tour. Kicking off in Victoria, the tour will see the duo traverse every state and territory in Australia. With shows like Bunbury and Torquay already sold out and tickets flying off the virtual shelves, fans who haven't secured their spot are scrambling.

The story of Chillinit and indigomerkaba is a reminder that talent, audacity, and a bit of luck can propel an artist to unexpected heights. Their collaboration and tour are a testament to the power of hip-hop to connect artists across different stages of their careers and provide a platform for emerging voices.

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