Derek Lee Goodreid goes deep country with heartfelt new album ‘Built To Last’

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The latest musical odyssey from Derek Lee Goodreid, ‘Built To Last’ is captivating new album that follows on the heels of his well-received rockabilly and Americana release ‘Struck By Lightning Again’. Showcasing Goodreid's exceptional range and the raw authenticity that's become a hallmark of his music, the new album is a stellar glimpse into his bold creative world.

Through and through, ‘Built To Last’ is a tapestry of classic country sounds, with Goodreid's acoustic guitar laying the foundation perfectly. The album also features masterful contributions from Jeremy King (pedal steel guitar), Stephen K Donnelly (upright bass), Brandon Fox (banjo), Hector Ruano (harmonica), Charlot Rivera (cello), and Brian D (violin and piano), each adding their own special touch. Together, they create a rich soundscape that underscores Goodreid's poignant lyrics about heartbreak, reflection, and finding hope in hardship.

One track you won't want to miss is ‘Alone & Forsaken’, a haunting cover of a Hank Williams classic, stripped down to just Goodreid's voice and Rivera's mournful cello. It's the artist paying homage to a formative influence while putting his own unique stamp on a timeless song.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Built To Last’, Goodreid shares, "This album reflects my journey as an artist and a person and the challenges I have faced in my physical and mental health. Each song tells a story, drawing from my own experiences and emotions. I wanted to create something that resonates with listeners on a deep level and speaks of overcoming adversity and loss."

With ‘Built To Last’ Goodreid proves yet again that he's an artist of immense depth and versatility. This album will make you think, make you feel, and maybe even make you get up and dance. It's the kind of record that reminds you why country music has such a hold on our hearts.

Derek Lee Goodreid is a force to be reckoned with. This Perth, Western Australia songwriter blends country, blues, and rockabilly into a signature sound that's both raw and refined. His music draws inspiration from his personal experiences, including navigating PTSD and mental health struggles. Derek is a prolific artist, with ‘Built To Last’ being his seventh album in seven years. What’s more, he's already got his next release lined up, ‘Accelerated Heartbreak’, a punk rock album brimming with psychobilly and stoner rock energy, is set to drop in August.

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