New York’s shira deliver an unforgettable debut with ‘always easy’

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Emerging from New York City’s legendary music scene, shira have recently shared their highly anticipated debut single, ‘always easy’. A song that perfectly showcases the trio’s unique blend of indie pop sensibilities with wall-of-sound tapestries, ‘always easy’ has quickly become one of our favourite tracks of 2023.

Crafted under the expert production of Gordon Raphael, renowned for his work with The Strokes, coupled with the engineering of Travis Harrison, known for his work with Guided by Voices and Built to Spill, shira’s debut is a riveting musical journey that will have you captivated from the very first note. Packed to the brim with lingering, emotive guitar work, raw emotions, and thought-provoking lyrics that hit in all the right places, the track is a stellar introduction to the rising band.

Capturing the essence of living in a world of comfortable illusions, everything about ‘always easy’ feels essential, radiating a powerful blend of classic indie rock and tantalizing shoegaze sounds. As the song progresses, each chorus bursts into life with a sense of warmth and hopefulness, adding new depth and colour to the song every time.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, ‘always easy’ is a fittingly impressive introduction to shira.

Featuring Frankie Fowlkes on vocals and guitar, Ren Haas on drums, and David Reichberg on bass, shira are a band ready to take the new year by storm. You can stream ‘always easy’ today, along with the band’s recently released new single ‘perfect blue’.

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