edenai explores infatuation with highly-charged new single ‘in.the.heat’

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An artist we first met earlier this year when he released that brilliant ‘asamase’, edenai is continuing to impress as 2023 draws to an end, delivering a fierce and undeniably passionate new track. Titled ‘in.the.heat’, the new single is a bold exploration of infatuation, outlining those raw, early stages of a relationship.

Influenced by greats like Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Skrillex, Mark Ronson, Ludwig Göransson, and more, edenai has always had a flair for reinventing music, and his latest single is another impressive step towards his goal. A glistening cacophony of building tribal beats, powerful EDM vibes, and quickfire synths, ‘in.the.heat’ reflects the passion and excitement that comes with infatuation, clinging to raw emotive sounds that are backed by staggered, yet cinematic vocals that sweep effortlessly throughout the song.

Speaking with us briefly about the new single, edenai shared, “’in.the.heat’ explores the infatuation stage of a relationship, fusing nostalgia tinged synths, and a driving beat with modern vocal production.”

Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘in.the.heat’ is another strong release from edenai that proves he’s still working hard to push boundaries and redefine his style.

The solo project of songwriter, producer, and mixer Ed Zisk, edenai delivers a layered and wonderfully passionate blend of styles. Inspired by his love of techno, pop, house, rock, and folk music, edenai creates the kind of music that makes you want to feel and experience something completely new.

Always looking to push boundaries and recreate the norm, edenai's music is innovative, introspective, and constantly evolving, built to shift and change with time. Its music built to express a single, powerful idea, as Ed himself expressed, “We can only be certain of one life, so why not try to influence each other to live it the best way we can through sonic vibrations?”

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