Post Death Soundtrack Unleash a Sonic Maelstrom with New Album 'Veil Lifter'

Canadian duo Post Death Soundtrack have unleashed a sonic tempest with their fourth album, 'Veil Lifter.' This ten-track juggernaut is a raw and visceral experience, blending doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash into a Molotov cocktail of sound.

Gone are the orchestrated soundscapes of their previous release, replaced by an unbridled live energy that channels the spirit of their influences. Echoes of Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana reverberate throughout, while contemporary heavyweights like Russian Circles and Windhand lend a modern edge.

Guitarist and vocalist Stephen Moore describes 'Veil Lifter' as the album he always wanted to make, a cathartic expression of his darkest experiences. He weaves shamanic visions and shadowy dreamscapes into a tapestry of heavy metaphor and dream language, drawing inspiration from Eastern philosophy and personal turmoil.

The lyrics are unflinchingly honest, exploring themes of mental illness, spiritual warfare, and the quest for truth. 'Veil Lifter' itself refers to the Eastern philosophical concept of lifting the veil of ignorance to reveal intrinsic truths. 

Bassist and producer Jon Ireson reveals the album's organic creation, with the bones of the songs coming together quickly. The addition of Steve's layered vocals, fuzzy bass lines, and the intense drumming of Casey Lewis brought the record to life.

Tracks like 'Lowdown Animal' capture the band's outsider mentality. Moore likens the band to hyenas, the unwelcome drifters who take down the mighty with cunning and laughter.

'Veil Lifter' is a relentless sonic assault, a visceral journey through darkness and despair. It is an album that demands to be heard, a testament to the power of uncensored expression and the cathartic release of music.

The album is available on digital platforms, with a limited edition vinyl run expected soon. If you're seeking a raw, emotional, and utterly unhinged musical experience, look no further than Post Death Soundtrack's 'Veil Lifter.'

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