Byron Bay's Off Judy Serve Up A Sonic Feast With New Single, 'Savour The Flavour'

Off Judy's latest single, 'Savour The Flavour', is a sonic explosion that solidifies the band's commitment to bigger, louder, and faster. The bass-driven, feedback-laced track is raw energy personified, tackling themes of greed and its impact on social unrest and inequality.

'Savour the Flavor' roars onto the scene with an unbridled intensity that leaves listeners breathless. This hard-hitting rock anthem immediately grabs your attention with a relentless barrage of distorted guitars and thunderous drums, establishing a sonic landscape that is both aggressive and exhilarating.

The vocals are raw and gritty, conveying a sense of urgency and frustration as the lyrics delve into the destructive nature of greed. “It’s about taking what you want with no care for what the repercussions may be or what damage you’re causing,” says vocalist, Finn Mcildowie.

Musically, 'Savour the Flavor' is a masterclass in controlled chaos. The instrumentation is tight and precise, yet it maintains a raw edge that perfectly complements the lyrical themes. The song features blistering guitar solos that soar over the heavy rhythm section, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Recorded with Alain Decarne (Les Krills) at Byron Music Studio, the track showcases the band's evolving sound, a testament to their ongoing collaboration with Decarne. 

Off Judy's unique blend of power-pop, punk, larrikin wit, and energetic stage presence has earned them a reputation for electrifying performances, leading to support slots for Wolfmother, The Smith St Band, Skegss, Pacific Avenue, The Pretty Littles, Homebrew, and more.

Following a successful New Zealand tour in 2023, which included sold-out festivals and headline shows, the band's momentum shows no signs of slowing down. They recently won the Stoke Soundcheck competition and are embarking on a four-month tour through Europe and the UK, starting in June. The tour will include appearances at BBK live festival, San Vino wine fight festival, San Fermin festival, Oktoberfest, Burger Jam fest, and more.

With hints of a debut album in 2025, Off Judy is a band to watch. Their explosive energy and powerful sound are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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