Radolescent’s Top 5 Tour Stories in 2021/2022

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Gold Coast band Radolescent are one of the hardest working young Australian bands around, pushing their raucous sound through massive singles like 'Tough' and the brilliant '406'. Since then, they've played an extensive list of Festivals and supported some of Australia's biggest bands including Dune Rats, Bad//Dreems, Private Function and Press Club, and more recently were chosen by Beddy Rays to support them on their national tour in Feb/March this year.

Now, the band have told us some of their best tour stories from 2021 and 2022, and we couldn't wait to share them with you.

1 - Shoobs Powers Through (Ade) 

Vibes were high in Adelaide after the final show of the “On Ya Bike Tour” with Beddy Rays and Soft Dingaz, so much so that shoobs ended up pulling an all nighter. It wasn’t until our 8am flight the next morning that he finally showed up at the airport, still drunk as a newt. He was all good until half way through the flight when he had to make a dash to the plane lavatory for a tactical vom, it only took him a second to realize he had forgotten to pull down his mask. 

2 - Kerrod “Having a Quiet One”

It's common knowledge that if Kerrod mentions he’s “Having a quiet one” it will be undoubtedly followed by him proceeding to get absolutely obliterated at a rate that is both impressive and alarming, leaving us all marbling at this ability to be the quickest one to get drunk.

3 - Tassy Detour

After all flights out of Hobart were grounded due to the Brissy flooding, the entire crew from Beddy Rays & Rado, with a little more than hope and a prayer, crammed into the smallest Irish pub in hobart. Met with guinness stew and a 12 strong irish fiddle band, what was a disaster turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of the tour.  

4 - Beddy Rays Tour

After playing countless opening slots to empty rooms, we finally got to tour Australia with our best buds Beddy Rays. They put their neck on the line to take us on tour instead of the much easier option of a local band and we honestly couldn't be more grateful. Sightseeing, beer drinking and constant ragging on one another, it was a dream for us both for years so it was nice to tick it off the bucket list.

5- Press Club Mysterious Spew.

Driving home from Brisbane, Isaac the saint offered to be deso driver for the night. Obviously taking advantage of the nicety, the rest of the band proceeded to pound an absurd amount of margarita daiquiris into the earth - Rachel, thinking it was a good idea to try and keep up with the much larger Shoobs! All was fine until about half way home from Brissy to Gold Coast, Isaac’s car started to smell and we all couldn't figure out why.!? Not only did Rachel redecorate the interior of Isaac’s car with partially digested pizza and margarita, but both her and Kerrod conspired to cover it up. The poor Camry has never been the same again. Five people, half an hour and a car full of spew, that just ain't it!

​​Radolescent continue to rack up a massive fan base that has already given them half a million streams across Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube and multiple spins across Triple J, Rebel FM and 4ZZZ. They released their debut album in 2019 but were forced to cancel shows due to the pandemic. However, they are poised for a wide-open road ahead of them and are excited to once again bring their genre bending styles of punk rock to the East coast of Australia.

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