Tranzformer & Big O – ‘The Art of Duplexity’

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A debut collaboration that seamlessly blends the talents of San Diego producer Tranzformer and London-based hip-hop producer and engineer Big O, ‘The Art of Duplexity’ is arguably one of the most vibrant and groove-heavy records of the last few years. A joint release that sees both artists at the top of their game, it’s an eclectic electronic piece that delivers tantalising synths, building melodies, and cascades of stark, modern beats that mingle perfectly with chilled vibes and colourful bursts of musical magic.

Released on Soulspazm Records, ‘The Art of Duplexity’ is a release that Tranzformer and Big O have really made their own, latching on to the opportunity with fierce creativity. A wonderfully refreshing take on soulful electronica, the album captalises on both artists’ strengths to create a powerful collection of sound, outlining twelve unique tracks that revel in new sounds, chilled synths and bold, experimental styles.

To kick things off, Big O pens the brilliant ‘Dream Walkin’, a massive cut that fades into view with warm fluttering tones and enchanting synth melodies. It’s a song that turns on thunderous beats, laying the foundation for things to come perfectly. In ‘Blast Off’, Tranzformer enters the scene with a funk-infused cut, one that ebbs and flows with stark emotion and creates a powerful, emotive scene. From there, the album descends into a brilliant frenzy of rolling basslines, dreamy synth-led melodies, and textured transitions, creating a moving torrent of chilled vibes and polished production.

From start to finish, the pair never let up, devoting themselves entirely to the sound and process. Driven by the deep sense of passion, Tranzformer and Big O keep things fresh through the twelve tracks, cashing in on organ-drive sounds in ‘Cake Mode’, soulful retro sweeps in ‘Hi-Life’ and ‘Soul Bangin’ and bold, cinematic refrains in closing cuts like ‘Believe In L.O.V.E.’ and ‘Celestial Sphere’. It’s a mesmerising performance and one that definitely deserves to be heard.

It’s clear that Tranzformer and Big O wanted to make their mark with ‘The Art of Duplexity’, and they’ve undeniably achieved that. Establishing their collaboration in the best way possible, the album is an unstoppable wave of enjoyable and impressive cuts, showcasing the very best of each producer, and landing as an instant classic.

You can stream the full album above via Spotify or support the artists directly through Bandcamp where it’s available now.

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