Ratchet shares his dark and soulful new album ‘Closing the Door’

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A release that is built around the immortal question, "What are the last words you would like to say to someone?" Ratchet has delivered his dark and soulful new album, ‘Closing the Door’. Steeped in atmospheric sounds and stark, mysterious themes, the new record arrives as an unforgettable listening experience, catching you off guard at every turn, and constantly pushing for something more.

Arguably the artist’s biggest release to date, ‘Closing the Door’ sees the Netherlands-based singer and songwriter continuing to expand his eccentric and out-of-the-box musical style, balancing shifting styles and rolling sounds with somber, introspective lyrics. An eighteen-track anthology that takes shape through almost an hour of tender, acoustic sounds, ‘Closing the Door’ is not for the faint of heart, delving into dark themes and raw, vulnerable moments. Inspired by a range of musical genres, from raw spoken word passages to more traditional rock, indie, and free-flowing jazz, the new album carves out a unique sound that evolves with every listen.

Similar to Ratchet's previous albums, the mysterious and dark theme take center stage, but this time in a far more intimate way. The emotions and feelings within take hold, with the music and lyrics working hand-in-hand to create a dark, cinematic sound filled with dreamy guitars, layered melodies, and Ratchet’s soothing vocals.

Through tracks like ‘Reply’, ‘Blood Eagle’, and ‘The Stage is Set’, Ratchet makes his mark, daring to experiment and not afraid to swim in dark, dissonant sounds. Available now on all major streaming services, you can stream ‘Closing the Door’ in full now.

A raw and undiluted illustration of Ratchet’s ingenuity and artistry, his new album cement his status as an authentic artist who refuses conform to any conventional norms. A strength that he shows in full bloom throughout ‘Closing the Door’, his artistry and fierce originality makes Ratchet an artist to watch and admire.

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