Singer and songwriter Nick Duane returns with new song ‘My Escape’

An accomplished singer, songwriter and artist who has been making music for decades, Nick Duane is back in the spotlight with the release of new single ‘My Escape’. A song that showcases Nick’s talents for blending relatable, honest lyrics with enjoyable indie-rock melodies, the new single proves that Nick is still at the top of his game after all this time.

Opening with an impressive and perfectly paced arrangement that touches on smooth soulful sounds and a nuanced funk influence, ‘My Escape’ is a classic example of Nick’s heartfelt sound. Capitalising on textured, yet melodic guitar work, and natural emotional depth, Nick’s new single shines with warmth and heart, effortlessly blending with the instrumentals to create an expressive listening experience. At its core, the new single is awash in reflective and introspective tones, and Nick leans on poetic lyrics like “Now I start to take my drive, driving through my memories, I keep coming back to you” to ensure the song hits its mark.

With its roots planted firmly in the realms of soft rock, indie-pop, and vibrant funk, ‘My Escape’ ticks all the boxes for Nick, delivering an enjoyable and entertaining sound akin to that of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews. Available now on all major streaming platforms, alongside the official lyric video which is available below.

A welcome return from Nick, ‘My Escape’ stands tall as one of his most expressive and relatable releases, effortlessly combining his personal lyrics, melodic, charming style, and impressive musicianship. For more Nick, you can visit his Bandcamp page below, along with his social media pages where he often posts about new releases.

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