Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Niki Kand shares new single 'No Regrets'

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Introducing Liverpool-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Niki Kand, whose artistic journey started in the realm of fine arts, concealing her true passion for music. 'No Regrets' is the second single from Niki's upcoming EP, 'Lady Shol', and it is scheduled for release on February 2nd, 2024.

An alternative indie composition, the new track caters to enthusiasts of the genre with its uplifting emotions and positive vibes. Featuring a dynamic rhythm section and a dreamy quality, the song reflects Niki's inaugural attempt to create music that is calmly atmospheric yet remains engaging. Anticipate a sophisticated sonic experience as 'No Regrets' sets the stage for the forthcoming EP.

The title 'Lady Shol' was Niki's childhood moniker, a playful Persian slang term that affectionately describes someone who takes their time in all they do. With this EP, Niki dedicates her artistry to that young girl she once was, who was often found trailing behind and occasionally subject to playful teasing. The thematic core of the songs on 'Lady Shol' revolves around the concept of transformation, the process of bidding farewell to one's former self and crafting a fresh, new identity. It delves into the profound inevitability of change and the emotions that accompany such transitions.

Stylistically, 'Lady Shol' falls into the alternative-indie genre, weaving together gentle, dreamy atmospheres with a subtle touch of jazz. In a departure from her previous works, Niki embraced a novel approach by integrating live instrumentation performed by her band, adding an authentic and tangible dimension to her music. Collaborating with Liverpool-based producer Tom Anderson, the project came to life in the Kempston Street Studios.

Having graced stages from Sound City Festival to a captivating performance at LIMF Festival, Niki has shared her artistry, even supporting her favorite French band, Juniore, during their Liverpool tour. Garnering support from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 Music, and BBC Radio 1, Niki is set to release her second single, 'No Regrets,' from the upcoming EP, Lady Shol, on February 2nd, 2024. This alternative indie composition promises an emotional journey with uplifting vibes, a dynamic rhythm section, and a dreamy quality that reflects Niki's inaugural attempt at crafting music that is both calmly atmospheric and engaging. With anticipation building, 'No Regrets' sets the stage for a sophisticated sonic experience, inviting you to discover the unique world Niki is poised to unveil.

Growing up in Tehran, influenced by her parents' love for Western pop, it was in the UK that Niki found her musical voice. Using the piano as her canvas, she embarked on a self-produced exploration, crafting alternative indie and lo-fi dream-pop that unveils the therapeutic world she has built.

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