Sydney’s Midnight Zephyr continue to impress with new single ‘Tonight’

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One of Sydney’s great emerging bands, Midnight Zephyr have set the standard with their evocative blend of rock hooks, pop sensibilities, and evocative lyrics. After making their mark with debut single ‘Walls’, all eyes have been fixed firmly on the band for their hotly anticipated follow-up, and today, we’re proud to premiere the band’s brilliant new cut, ‘Tonight’.

Influenced by alternative rock icons such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, and Foo Fighters as well as pop acts such as DNCE and 5 Seconds of Summer, Midnight Zephyr's new single is a unique blend of musical styles. Twisting classic elements into a modern style that is uniquely their own, ‘Tonight’ announces itself with a heavy pop groove, embracing simplicity and effortlessly highlighting the band’s pop sensibilities. An infinitely enjoyable single, ‘Tonight’ is a masterclass in balancing vibrant pop sounds with more textured rhythmic spaces, balancing sounds to keep listeners hanging on every moment.

Speaking about the song, the band shared, “The song began as a jam and progressed into a pop rock song with groove. The song itself is about different aspects of a relationship: the good and the bad, the fun and the monotonous.” Along with the release of the new single, the band are also teasing news of an upcoming EP and tour, so there has never been a better time to get acquainted with Midnight Zephyr.

A talented four-piece consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist John McCarthy, bassist and vocalist Nick Seroukas, lead guitarist Aaron Sedlak, and drummer Leroy Heta, Midnight Zephyr artfully navigates Sydney’s blossoming music scene, committed to their artistic vision and the exploration of the uncharted realms within their music.

Whether performing in intimate venues or crafting immersive studio experiences, Midnight Zephyr invites listeners to join them on a sonic journey where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, and the midnight zephyr carries whispers of untold stories through the city's twilight.

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