The Barren Spinsters return with their raucous second album 'Let the Music Ruin Your Life'

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Canberra duo The Barren Spinsters have returned with a wild creative fervour on their rough-and-ready second album, ‘Let The Music Ruin Your Life’. Delivering a raucous collection of spiked rock anthems that will impress even the most stubborn of rock fans. A band known for their mischievous antics as much as their musical prowess, the band’s new album is everything we’ve come to expect from The Barren Spinsters, and more.

As the initial chord strikes, ‘Let The Music Ruin Your Life’ grabs your attention and refuses to ever let go, lashing out with a maelstrom of visceral rock cuts. It’s a rollercoaster ride of colossal riffs, thunderous bass lines, and the band’s trademark hijinks, with each track shining with raw energy, commanding vocals, and infectious melodies. Throughout the album, the band showcase a mastery of fun and upbeat rock sounds, infusing each song with personality and charm, while also not being afraid to dive into its share of harder moments.

It's the band’s passion and energy that really makes the album, with The Barren Spinsters pouring their hearts and souls into every note. Their sheer joy in creating music is palpable, captivating listeners through songs like ‘Takes A Lifetime’, ‘Living Back Home’, ‘Really It’s Grey’, and of course, ‘Pablo’.

Recorded at Def Wolf Studios in Sydney, mixed by George Georgiadis (Matt Corby, Charlie Collins, Hockey Dad) and mastered by Simon Struthers (Something For Kate, Sly Withers, Karnivool), this star-studded banger contains some of The Barren Spinsters’ favourite musicians from all over Australia.

Speaking about the new record, Matt from the band shared, “We think this record is some of our best work to date, however, our label initially didn’t want us to put it out. They said it sounded like a random collection of ramblings from two immature idiots in their 30s, but what would those buttheads know.”

Armed with the brand-new album, The Barren Spinsters are excited to tour their rambunctious record with the fervent hope that they won’t live up to the promise of ruining some people’s lives (at least not intentionally).

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