The Dead South drop surprise single ‘20 Mile Jump’ ahead of new album out this Friday

The Dead South have just dropped a surprise single, ‘20 Mile Jump’, ahead of the release of their fourth studio album 'Chains & Stakes', which will be out this Friday, February 9th.

A high-energy ripper of a bluegrass tune, ‘20 Mile Jump’ is bright, upbeat, and characterised by the twang of a variety of string instruments, fronted largely by the charming pluck of a banjo. The song is a traditional folk-style tale, reminiscent of many classic country and western ditties, and tells of a narrator who is sent out to collect a bottle of milk, only to return home with a bottle of bourbon in hand after finding the store-out of milk. Punchy, playful, and incredibly telling of the band’s skillful musicianship through the sheer speed and precision with which they play their respective instruments, this track is a perfect taste of what’s to follow in the release of the 'Chains & Stakes' album later this week.

The Dead South’s fourth studio album, 'Chains & Stakes' takes its listener on a journey through sound and story alike. The album snakes effortlessly between instances of gentle, dark and winding tunes, and those of vibrant speedy banjos and jangly guitars. With both conjuring so perfectly within each song their respective scenes and images of small-town murders, devious lovers and old western cantinas, The Dead South remind listeners of their standing as truly some of the best in the business with 'Chains & Stakes'.

‘20 Mile Jump’ arrives alongside a live performance video, featuring the whole band performing the track, unplugged and in one take, shot at Panoram Studios in Mexico City.

In celebration of the release of their album, The Dead South will be embarking on tour all around Australia and Aotearoa this March and April, with several shows already sold out and others selling fast! With over 1.2 Million monthly listeners on Spotify and nearly 900K followers across socials, these beloved bluegrass rockers are all set to take over Oz & NZ in 2024.

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