The Vanrays Have Served Up Their Soulful New EP, 'Hey! Alright Now'

Garage soulsters The Vanrays have unleashed a new EP, 'Hey! Alright Now', accompanied by a haunting music video for their focus track, 'Ghosts'. It's a soulful journey through the sounds of the '70s, with a modern twist that'll make you want to hit the dance floor.

The EP is a love letter to Motown and soul classics, drawing inspiration from legends like Spencer Davis Group and contemporaries like Curtis Harding. Think big hooks, soaring melodies, and a brass section that'll blow you away. As they proclaim, "It's a curb stomping rhythm on the corner of control."

The band's new music video for 'Ghosts' delves into themes of love, redemption, and the lingering echoes of past mistakes. The track, a cornerstone of the EP, was born in a transformative basement session with lead vocalist Spencer McKinnon. "It's a reflection of the highs and lows we've experienced," the band explains.

Produced by Scott Fletcher, the EP promises a rollercoaster ride through soulful sounds with a contemporary edge. Fletcher, known for his work on their previous album, says, "It’s the perfect soundtrack for Tarantino’s lost epic 70s cop movie!"

The band have been buzzing about the new EP, with rhythm guitarist Andrew Samuel calls these tracks some of his favourites to play, while bassist Phil Addington promises a great night. Drummer Eric Lowe highlights the effort put into capturing the "big energy" of classic Stax and Motown recordings.

Formed in 2016 around a shared love of soul and R&B, The Vanrays are a group of Vancouver music scene veterans who've kept dance floors packed with their catchy songwriting and electrifying performances. Their unique brand of "East Van Garage Soul" is on full display in 'Hey! Alright Now', which dropped on June 5th. With more shows, tours, and videos on the horizon, The Vanrays are here to stay.

As lead vocalist Spencer McKinnon puts it, "Who do the Vanrays sound like? Well, they sound like the Vanrays." This EP is a testament to their distinctive take on garage soul, a nod to the past with a sound that's unmistakably their own. Don't miss out on this soulful journey.

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