Charlie Lane Delivers Her Seminal Dancefloor Filler ‘Dance With You’

Narrm-based indie pop artist Charlie Lane has unveiled her latest single, the upbeat slow-burner 'Dance With You'. This vibrant track is the second single from her highly anticipated debut album and follows on from the success of her previous hit, 'Gold Drips'.

'Dance With You' showcases Lane's signature sound, a unique blend of indie pop with heavy synth influences and a catchy chorus. Drawing inspiration from artists like The National, Kate Nash, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the new song is a bold and upbeat exploration of relatable themes like rejection, attraction, and all the accompanying anxieties.

Lane shares, “'Dance With You' was really a way for me to subtly open up as a Queer woman through song. It’s also about those times when you really like someone, in this case a girl, but your insides are just churning. I guess, the over-thinking of the rejection that hasn't happened yet".

This new single marks a significant development in Lane's songwriting, as she explains: "It feels really exhilarating to be releasing my second single off the album, but particularly 'Dance With You'. I directly sing this song as though I'm singing toward a female, and I’m really glad I have finally opened up more in my songs about being a Queer woman. I feel really proud of this song and where it’s going to go."

In addition to the audio release, 'Dance With You' is accompanied by a live performance video that gives fans a taste of Lane's electrifying stage presence. The song is a perfect addition to your indie discovery playlist, the soundtrack to an awkward night out with a new crush, or a fitting backdrop for a teen angst film.

With her unique blend of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, Charlie Lane is set to become a staple of the indie pop scene.

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