Tom Grennan - 'What Ifs & Maybes'

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An album that first began to take form in 2021, 'What Ifs & Maybes' sees Tom Grennan returning to form and embracing a new creative journey, layering his vibrant pop stylings over home truths, earnest lyrics.

An album that contains 'the biggest, boldest, best set of songs of his shooting-star career', 'What Ifs & Maybes' finds Tom at his happpiest, channelling his limitless positivity into a body of work that shines with limitless potential and thrilling possibilities. It's an album where Tom uses every song to uplift and inspire his listeners with vibrant melodies and soaring choruses, and while it might be slightly fomulaic, it's hard to not be swept away by it.

While it's built to balance the more upbeat tracks with ballads, it's those shining upbeat anthems that really draw your focus, with songs like 'How Does it Feel,' 'Remind Me,' and 'All These Nights' exuding an undeniable sound. Filled with buoyant and energetic pop sounds, they capture Tom's best performances, and no matter how many times you hear them, they still hit just as hard.

Throughout the album, there's enough grand sing-along moments to inspire some huge live performances and festivals, but there are also more tender, and heart-wrenching ballads as well, with Tom working hard to explore the extremes of his circumstances. It's in these moments that the album can wander, and while they're still enjoyable, 'Psychedelic Kisses,' 'Before You,' and 'You Are Not Alone' slowly have you yearning for those bigger, more spirited sounds.

Overall, 'What Ifs & Maybes' is an album that finds its strengths in the Tom's most joyous and raucous moments. It's open and honest, stitching together  Tom's earnest, often cheerful delivery with some impressive sounds, creating a release that will boost-moods and ultimately stand the test of time.

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