‘The Fools Heart’ is one of Tori BLK’s most emotionally charged releases to date

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Recently, Tori BLK premiered her sensational new EP, ‘The Fools Heart’, a wonderfully orchestrated release that acted as a four-track exploration of love, heartbreak, and loss. It was a release that caught us all off guard, arriving exclusively on Bandcamp ahead of its official release on May 10th, but now that we’ve had a couple of days to catch up, it’s about time we put the EP through its paces.

With each track providing a deep and reflective look into what it feels like to fall out of love, it’s clear from the onset that ‘The Fools Heart’ is going to be one of Tori BLK’s most emotionally and physically charged releases to date, but it’s also perfectly balanced, delivering a kick of emotive weight that is layered brilliantly with catchy pop melodies and vibrant electronic sounds.

On opening track ‘Slower’, Tori makes her mark with smooth, airy tones, blending sun-kissed keys with powerful, driven percussion and bright, cascading synths. It’s a gorgeous, textured sound, and it takes a step away from her classically dark-pop sound, offering a lighter, more liberating style that fits perfectly within the release. As the EP progresses, ‘Maybe’ sees Tori transitioning to heavier, more emotive beats that signal the changing tones and weight of the release. Within ‘Maybe’, there’s a growing sense of rejection and isolating that Tori captures perfectly.

Moving on to ‘When You Said’, the EP takes a more melancholic path, offering immersive pop balladry that is empowered by a sturdy beat and hints of denial as the break up takes hold. Finally, the closing single of ‘You’re Almost There’ arrives wrapped in beautifully textured atmospherics, creating a mesmerising sound that is built on reverberating percussion and nostalgic piano keys. It’s a simply stunning piece, and one that closes the EP with a sense of acceptance and catharsis.

Speaking openly about the new release, Tori BLK explained, “It’s been years since I’ve sat down to write, but I really love these songs because they tell a story about a girl who is struggling to cope with emotions of rejection, something she’s not familiar with and something we all have to deal with some time in our lives. Heartbreak is real but it’s not the end and things always change”.

Along with the digital release of ‘The Fools Heart’ on Bandcamp, the EP is also available as a small batch of limited edition CD’s, which you can find here.

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