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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tusks shares 'Gold', a cathartic exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery

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London-based visionary Tusks (Emily Underhill) has emerged from a period of creative introspection with her highly anticipated third album, 'Gold'. Available now via One Little Independent, this ten-track collection promises a deeply personal and sonically adventurous journey.

Shaped by contrasting experiences, 'Gold' evolved over several months of meticulous crafting. A need for solitude brought Tusks to the tranquillity of Devon, where a transformative storm fueled her creative outpouring. Upon returning to London, she joined forces with producer Tom Andrews, imbuing the tracks with vibrant energy across studios like Ten87 and SS2 Recording.

The album unfolds with a soundscape that is both ethereal and dynamic. Evocative synths and Underhill's celestial vocals intertwine, forming a cathartic tapestry of raw emotion. From ambient contemplation to pulsing anthems, 'Gold' is a testament to Underhill's artistry as she navigates themes of heartache, isolation, and ultimately, resilience.

"A lot of this album was inspired by contrasting experiences," Underhill explains, "Processing a breakup and then falling in love again. Being constantly surrounded by people in lockdown, then suddenly being completely alone and free. Being in the city vs being in nature."

This sonic duality manifests through the album's production style. Lush soundscapes are punctuated by lo-fi elements, with Tusks meticulously shaping drum samples and layering analogue synth textures. The result is both organic and boldly textured.

'Gold' marks a significant sonic evolution for Tusks. Since her acclaimed debut 'Dissolve', her sound has become increasingly layered and experimental. Her sophomore release, 'Avalanche', further solidified her alternative and shoegaze leanings. Now, with 'Gold', she confidently embraces a bolder, more nuanced voice.

Fans eagerly anticipate Tusks' return to the stage. Her 2020 headline tour, which included a stop at London's famed Village Underground, offered a taste of her captivating live presence. With 'Gold', she promises an even more immersive concert experience.

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