Utah’s Caleb Darger navigates life's fault lines with new single ‘Matter of Time’

Salt Lake City, Utah, has been a breeding ground for many great artists, each weaving their unique stories into the fabric of the city's cultural tapestry. Among them stands Caleb Darger, a seasoned songwriter whose musical journey has traversed landscapes of faith, doubt, and introspection.

Darger's early musical endeavours were rooted in his Christian faith, reflected in his album of folk hymns. However, his upcoming release, ‘Fault Line’, slated for 2024, marks a significant departure. It's a courageous exploration of themes such as questioning faith, grappling with relationships, and confronting the realities of ageing. Through this album, Darger emerges as an artist unafraid to confront the fault lines of existence.

In his latest single, ‘Matter of Time’, Darger delves into the complexities of leaving the Mormon church and the repercussions it had on his relationships. For him, departing from the faith wasn't a sudden decision but a gradual realisation, akin to a force of nature - an inevitable shift that couldn't be halted. The song echoes his apprehensions about how his departure would affect his connections, especially with those deeply entrenched in the church, including his wife.

Musically, ‘Matter of Time’ is a reflective folk-pop ballad driven by a delicate interplay of acoustic guitar and harmonica. Simple percussion adds a heartbeat pulse, underscoring the song's nature, while also pulling it forward. Caleb's vocals are vulnerable yet warmly resonant, carrying an honest, confessional tone that ties in with the occasional fragility. As the track progresses, it builds almost effortlessly to a bright, airy melody creating a bittersweet contrast to lyrics laced with themes of inevitability and hindsight.

As Caleb explained, “’Matter of Time’ is the third single from my upcoming album ‘Fault Line’. The song is a reflection of my fear that after leaving the Mormon church my relationships with certain people in my life would change for the worse. A lot of people in my social circle were members of the church, including my wife, and I was worried about how I would be perceived after revealing my lack of faith.”

As an artist, Darger embodies growth and resilience. His willingness to explore the depths of human experience, even when it leads to uncomfortable truths, underscores his maturity as both a musician and an individual. With ‘Matter of Time’ Caleb Darger offers not just a song, but a poignant reflection on the intricate dance between faith and doubt, love and loss, and the perpetual quest for self-discovery amidst life's tumultuous terrain.

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