Elbow redefine a stunning legacy with their tenth album 'Audio Vertigo'

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Elbow, the beloved purveyors of emotionally charged Brit-rock, emerge from their introspective haze with 'Audio Vertigo'. This album marks a thrilling sonic departure for the band. It's a calculated shift away from the serene soundscapes of 2021's 'Flying Dream 1', and it succeeds with bold ambition.

In true Elbow fashion, frontman Guy Garvey's lyrics maintain their hallmark mix of the philosophical and the poignantly personal. Yet, the musical backdrop against which they unfold is where 'Audio Vertigo' truly shines. The band has traded whispered melodies for a sonic onslaught born out of "gnarly, seedy grooves," as Garvey has described them.

The lead single, 'Lovers' Leap', exemplified this shift, hinting at a raw and cathartic energy. Tracks like 'Her to the Earth' continue the theme, pulsating with urgent rhythms and searing guitar riffs. The album doesn't completely abandon Elbow's melancholic side. Songs such as '(Where Is It?)' demonstrate that vulnerability and grandiosity can beautifully coexist within the band's new, expanded sound.

'Audio Vertigo' is unapologetically loud and textured. The intricate soundscapes hark back to the sweeping energy of the band's career high, 'The Seldom Seen Kid'. This isn't mere nostalgia; it's evolution. Elbow refuses to be pinned into a singular style, and the album's moments of sonic risk-taking reap rich rewards.

While the experimentation is a welcome change of pace, some may find that the album lacks a clear sonic focus. Yet, it is perhaps this untamed energy that mirrors the album's title. 'Audio Vertigo' is disorienting at times, exhilarating at others, and always evocative.

With 'Audio Vertigo', Elbow demonstrates the rare feat of an established band expanding their sound without diluting their essence. It's a brave, thrilling, and occasionally messy ride – a testament to a band forever defying expectations.

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