David Arkenstone's 'Quest for the Runestone' is a Magical Musical Adventure

Multi-GRAMMY Award-nominated composer David Arkenstone has embarked on what might be the most epic musical adventure of his career with 'Quest for the Runestone'. A bold and brilliant experience, released worldwide on July 1st, the album is reminiscent of Arkenstone's previous concept albums, drawing inspiration from his deep love of Celtic, Nordic, and music traditions.

Arkenstone, a multi-instrumentalist and composer for projects like World of Warcraft and NBC Sports, has poured his heart and soul into this album, which is based on a story by his son Dashiell Han Arkenstone. The result is a magical, otherworldly treat that features a symphony of unexpected tastes and textures. Each of the twelve tracks on the album has its own unique charm, mood, tempo, and purpose, linking together to create an expansive world of sound. The mythical element surfaces in different flavours, creating a captivating listening experience, and balancing out his cinematic music traditions.

From the haunting ambience of 'Prophecy' to the mystical allure of 'The Soothsayer Speaks', the album takes listeners on an enchanting journey through ancient forces, ethereal atmospheres, and hypnotic horizons. Tracks like 'Oceans of Ice' and 'Path of the Mountain's Bones' paint vivid pictures of frozen landscapes and rugged terrains, while 'Stars Without Light' and 'The Arbos Stirs' evoke the infinite expanse of the night sky and the awakened energy of ancient spirits.

'Quest for the Runestone', the title track, is a skillfully crafted piece that builds on the secrets surrounding the Runestone, inspiring a sense of astonishment. The grand musical journey concludes with 'The Keeper of the Flame', a soaring crescendo that leaves a lasting impression of wonder and amazement.

This album is a brief, but enduring escape from the monotony of everyday life, encapsulating listeners in the realms of myth and magic. Arkenstone's mastery of this domain in New Age music is undeniable, as he creates an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every listener.

If you're looking for a musical journey that will transport you to enchanting realms and ignite a deep work within you, then 'Quest for the Runestone' is the perfect album for you.

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