Beatnik's 'Feel Alive' Is A Danceable Dose of Existential Funk Right When You Need It Most

Peter LaBarge, the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind Beatnik, has crafted an infectious groove with 'Feel Alive', the latest single from his upcoming EP 'Life Sucks, Then You Dance'. Born from a desire to let go and embrace the joy of music, this track is a danceable blend of introspective lyrics and downright funky instrumentation.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Prince, Daft Punk, and Chic, LaBarge's musical prowess shines through as he takes on vocals, guitar, bass, synths, keyboards, and percussion. With the help of Benton Wood (Panthermilk) on guitar and Zane Peterson on saxophone, the track is a sonic feast that seamlessly blends elements of disco, funk, and pop.

Recorded at home and Temple City Studios, with mixing, mastering, and additional production by Brecken Jones (Strange Familia), 'Feel Alive' is a testament to LaBarge's DIY ethos and growing confidence as a multi-instrumentalist. Notably, this is his first track featuring his bass playing, showcasing his diverse musical talents.

The lyrics dive full force into deeply existential themes, touching on struggles with alcoholism, purpose, and the pursuit of feeling truly alive. The song's message is both relatable and thought-provoking, encouraging listeners to embrace the present moment and find joy in the simple act of dancing.

With its catchy melodies, groovy basslines, and soaring saxophone solos, 'Feel Alive' is a must-listen for fans of funk, disco, and introspective pop. As LaBarge himself puts it, the song is a "danceable dose of existential funk," inviting us to let go of our worries and simply groove.

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