Ego n friends' 'are u alone?' Is A Nostalgic Indie-Pop Journey Through Self-Discovery

After teasing us with a few stellar singles, ego n friends' debut album, 'are u alone?', arrives as a polished, sonic rollercoaster of indie-pop nostalgia and introspective alternative rap. The Denver-based artist weaves a tapestry of sounds that touch on themes of reinvention and enlightenment, crafting an album that resonates with those who have ever felt like outsiders.

Right from the opening track, 'none of your business', ego n friends sets the stage for a bold departure from the ordinary, promising to "stage dive on your small town" with his unique sound. Throughout, the album seamlessly blends indie ballads with infectious hip-hop beats, showcasing ego n friends' versatility as an artist.

The tracks on 'are u alone?' tackle the complexities of personal growth, self-doubt, and the search for connection in a world that often feels isolating. Ego n friends doesn't shy away from vulnerability, inviting listeners to join him on his journey of self-discovery. The result is a collection of songs that feel both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Ego n friends' production prowess shines through in every track, as he expertly blends acoustic instruments with synths and samples. He takes full ownership of the album's creation, handling the production, mixing, and mastering himself. This attention to detail is evident in the album's rich sonic landscape.

While the tracklist remains under wraps until the album's official release, the preview tracks offer a tantalising glimpse into what promises to be an emotional and thought-provoking listening experience. With 'are u alone?', ego n friends has not only solidified his artistic identity but also created a space for listeners to confront their own feelings of isolation and embrace the messy beauty of self-discovery.

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