The Enigmatic Gray Days Continues To Impress And Evolve With ‘Emotional Outburst’

One of our favourite independent songwriters and artists, Gray Days has spent the past few years consistently captivating listeners with his introspective soundscapes. Often backed by the talented Michael Greville and Adam Church, Gray Days has been evolving and expanding his sound in recent months, and now, with the release of ‘Emotional Outburst’, he’s delivered his best single yet.

A release that resonates with his signature wistful, heartfelt, and nostalgic sounds, ‘Emotional Outburst’ was recorded at the Lakehouse Audio Studio with Simon Dobson, and sees Gray Days reuniting with Michael and Adam. It’s an instantly arresting song, and amazingly, it almost didn’t arrive, as Gray Days explained, “I wasn't sure about recording this one, but Simon really liked it and said let's do it, so glad he did now.”

Opening with an instantly emotive acoustic guitar line, ‘Emotional Outburst’ floats through a blossoming atmospheric air, gently assembling itself and building in style. There is a subtle flicker of bass tones and a rich, calling reverb that mixes softly, creating a sonic landscape that is both inviting and immersive.

The vocals on the track are undeniably Gray Days' strongest yet. Clean and powerful, they offer a poignant illustration of the artist's growth and confidence. A melancholy harmony intertwines with the backing vocals of Matthew James (AKA Monster Graves), creating a haunting and evocative soundscape. As Gray Days notes, the combination of their voices resulted in a "totally different separate voice," adding a unique and unexpected layer to the song.

Lyrically, the song begins with the intriguing line, "I promised myself, I'd never write a love song," hinting at a story of emotional vulnerability and introspection. With the bridge intentionally removed, the track's flowing yet unconventional structure adds to its raw and unfiltered feel, but also further proves Gray Day is more and more willing to experiment.

Through and through, ‘Emotional Outburst’ feels like a culmination of everything Gray Days has been working towards in the last few months. It's a testament to his artistry and willingness to experiment, resulting in a track that defies genre boundaries and speaks directly to the heart.

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