Inti's ‘Redux’ Is A Fierce Maelstrom of Electrifying Blues, Breathing New Life Into Classics

Intiaz Haniff, known more simply by his musical moniker of Inti, might still be a relatively new force in music, but with the release of his latest double single, he’s certainly making his mark. Having burst onto the music scene in 2023 with covers of Son House's ‘Death Letter Blues’ and Rob Johnson's ‘Stop Breaking Down’, Into has carved out a unique and captivating space in music.

His latest release comes in a recently re-recorded and re-packaged edition of his first two singles, with ‘Redux: Death Letter / Stop Breaking Down’ arriving as a raw and electrifying homage to the roots of rock and roll. Speaking openly about the release, Inti shared, “It’s got a dirtier lo-fi sound if that makes sense. The guitar was performed by someone else, but I performed the drums, tambourines and vocals.” It’s a release that is short in duration, but lasting in impact, carving out an unforgettable introduction to Inti’s roots and influences.

‘Death Letter’, originally by Son House, hits with immediacy. Inti's rendition is a dashing, driven blend of timeless blues and modern electric guitar. It's lightning in a bottle, delivering a refreshed take on the classic while maintaining the authentic sounds of the original. His vocals howl, breaking through the instrumentals with a unique flair, adding his own flourish and flavour, while staying true to the original.

In ‘Stop Breaking Down’, his cover of Robert Johnson's blues standard, Inti delivers another fierce maelstrom of gritty electric guitar. It bursts into life without warning, offering a faithful yet electrifying rendition that will have you crying out for more.

Throughout both songs, Inti delivers a raucous melding of rock, blues, and passion. His approach to revitalising classic releases is clear, armed with fresh energy and a raw, captivating style. He honours the music, paying homage to the roots of rock and roll, while viewing it through an unapologetically modern lens.

Inti's music is a testament to his passion and dedication. He's a musician who has quickly honed his craft, and while the guitar in each track might not be his own, his talent shines through in every other detail. With ‘Redux: Death Letter / Stop Breaking Down’, Inti has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

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