Said Sara's 'Then There You Are' Is A Haunting Tribute to the Departed

David Benson, known for his roles as a special education teacher and the drummer for death metal band Acephalix, steps into the spotlight as Said Sara with his latest single, 'Then There You Are'. This haunting, contemplative track takes listeners on a journey through loss and remembrance, exploring the possibility that loved ones who have passed on might still be present in subtle ways.

Armed with emphatic, yet deeply affectionate vocals, Benson crafts a harrowing tribute to the departed, questioning whether they might be showing themselves in nature and the air around you. The lyrics, inspired by a diverse range of sources, from John Cougar to an '80s toy jingle, weave a tapestry of vivid imagery and raw emotion, perfectly bolstering the 

Musically, 'Then There You Are' builds on Benson's eclectic influences, seamlessly blending gentle acoustic guitar work with subtle electronic elements to create a stirring, ethereal quality. It's buoyed artfully by nuanced folk aesthetics and a hint of rock elements that shine in the background, a knowing nod to Benson's roots, but also a needed support for his sincere, forceful vocals.

Recorded in San Francisco and mastered by Jesse Nichols at Oakland’s Atomic Garden West, 'Then There You Are' is an impressive solo endeavour for Said Sara, showcasing Benson's versatility as a musician and songwriter. The song’s poignant message and captivating soundscapes make it a must-listen for anyone who has experienced loss.

As Said Sara continues to build momentum with performances in cities around the world, 'Then There You Are' marks a promising new chapter in Benson’s musical journey. This stirring single is a testament to the power of music to heal, to connect us to the past, and to remind us that even in absence, loved ones can remain present in our lives.

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