Mortal Prophets Share A Genre-Defying Summer Anthem with 'New Breed'

The New York music scene will be on fire this summer, and it's all thanks to John Beckmann and Mortal Prophets. The new single, 'New Breed' arrived earlier this week, delivering a unique, but addictive style, and offering a sneak peek into their upcoming album, 'The Confessions of a Sword Swallower', set to release this autumn.

Sticking to their reputation, Mortal Prophets continue to mash up genres in ways that shouldn't work, and yet somehow do. Shifting away from lost German opera, 'New Breed' sees Mortal Prophets seamlessly blending post-punk, indie, and vibrant electronica into a wild, kaleidoscopic mix, picking the best elements of each genre to make an irresistible sound.

Backed by Grammy-winning engineer Joe LaPorta of Sterling Sound, who worked on David Bowie's 'Black Star', the new single is a frantic burst of pure, melodic energy. Built to get your heart racing at 176 bpm, it encapsulates Beckmann's daring approach to music, challenging what we think can be done within any one genre.

Paired with the single is a visually stunning video directed by Michelle Civetta. Imagine a UFO landing amidst ancient Maya ruins in technicolour brilliance—that’s the kind of eye candy we're talking about. This video perfectly matches the track's out-there vibe, making it a full-on sensory experience.

With every listen, 'New Breed' shares something new, creating a trippy experience that not only stays with you, but changes and grows with you too. Imagine washed-out dream-pop that collides with post-punk psychedelica. The haunting, calling vocals cutting through the upbeat nature, creating a blossoming contrast that draws you in, while the sonic overlay of experimental electronica plays perfectly into Mortal Prophet's signature avant-garde style.

"I've been working on several EPs and a few full albums in the past six months, shifting between what I call 'Imaginary Cinema,' a forthcoming alternative-indie based 7-song EP with New York producer David Sisko, and another 5-song dream-pop EP with Irish producer William Declan Rubey. It's been a fruitful time right now, so I’m just running as fast as I can," Beckmann shared. This relentless pace and creativity are exactly what you hear in 'New Breed'.

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