Voidatlas Bursts Triumphantly Onto The Scene With The 'Surrounding' EP

Denver's metal scene has been buzzing with the arrival of Voidatlas, a new band making waves with their debut EP, 'Surrounding'. A talented quartet of Zander, Trent, Jake, and Stephen, Voidatlas are redefining metalcore in their city, blending technical prowess with infectious melodies that are hard to resist.

Despite being newcomers to the scene, Voidatlas plays with the finesse and confidence of seasoned pros. Their sound draws clear inspiration from heavyweights like ERRA, Make Them Suffer, and Spiritbox, but make no mistake, Voidatlas has crafted a distinctive sound, marked by their impressive technical skill and unique musical identity.

The production on 'Surrounding' is absolutely perfect, delivering a malstrom of sounds that are polished and contemporary, balancing the heavy, aggressive side of metal with catchy melodies. Each track on the EP highlights the band's versatility, from the relentless intensity of 'Red Pines' to the more ambient and atmospheric 'Selene'.

'Selene' stands out as a highlight of the EP, showcasing the band's full range of abilities. It's a complex piece that blends intricate instrumentation with deeply emotional vocals, capturing the essence of Voidatlas's sound. 'Red Pines', in turn, focus on delivering catchy hooks, while elsewhere, 'Limes' delve into more abstract themes. This experimentation is part of the band's charm, showing they're not afraid to push boundaries and try new things.

Overall, 'Surrounding' is a strong debut that puts Voidatlas on the map. It's a bold introduction to a band that's clearly brimming with talent and ambition. Voidatlas aren't just here to play; they're here to make a statement. With their skill and drive, they're sure to leave a lasting impression on the metal scene.

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