Abbey Moon - 'Friends of Mine'

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A band who first bonded over a shared love of The La’s, The Smiths and The Verve, Abbey Moon formed in late 2022 when Niall, Jack, Mick and Marco decided to pool their musical talents. The band, who were fed up with post-punk and political posturing, set out to write economic indie pop songs with a focus on melody and incisive lyrics, taking back music in their own special way.

The first taste of their heartfelt style, ‘Friends of Mine’ was originally recorded in late 2022 with Michael Smith, who has previously worked with artists such as Wolf Alice and Elvis Costello, and now, it’s on our radar thanks to the efforts of the band and Moon Man PR.

A song that lands as an “ode to friendship”, the debut single from the quartet is simple, yet heartfelt, building off a simple lyrical refrain that carries so much weight. Ebbing and flowing with a quiet, but noticeable sound, it’s a single that is poetic, yet rousing, capitalising on an enticing hook that permeates every part of the track.

Speaking about the single, Niall Rowan of the band explained, “‘Friend Of Mine’ is an ode to friendship and it’s quite a sentimental song in many ways. It deals with the passing of time and the enduring nature that some friendships can have. Even if you drift apart or you don’t see each other you can pick up where you left off without missing a beat.”

Having played Isle of Wight, Y Not and Reading festival in previous bands, as well as receiving significant support from Radio X and BBC the members of Abbey Moon bring a wealth of experience to the table, and it shows perfectly in their debut single.

Abbey Moon will being playing at The Mucky Duck in Brighton on the 13th May, as their debut gig, sharing the new track as well as some newly recorded, unreleased material. For more from the band, be sure to check out their website and socials below.

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