indifferentMonKeY - 'Take Faith'

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A band formed by songwriter and producer Joe Lowe, indifferentMonKeY have spent the last eighteen months developing their own ‘original sound’. A band who are proud to say they copy no-one, indifferentMonKeY draw on all sorts of elements and create an unmistakable sound.

For their latest release, the band have taken a dip into psychedelia, trip-hop, and cool bass, delivering a dark and wonderfully addictive new song titled 'Take Faith'. Beginning with a broody synthesized beat, the single is a rush of wild sound elements, with the band diving headfirst into a deep pool of progressive, trippy sounds.

Throughout, the band builds up the track slowly, gradually adding layers of instrumentation and electronic beats to create a powerful climax that leaves you wanting more. The use of different effects and textures keeps the track moving forward, while the repeated lyrics of “It’s your safe word, I am your faith girl” add a wonderful, hypnotising effect.

Alongside the music, Pippa sends her smooth vocals to perfection, delivering a sharp, impressive tone that backs the beats perfectly. To heighten the experience even more, indifferentMonKeY have also shared the new music video, which shines through monochrome color grading, vintage vehicles, and 1920s attire.

Overall, 'Take Faith' is a beautiful and groovy track that showcases indifferentMonKeY’s musical prowess and creativity. It’s a must-listen for fans of electronic and experimental music.

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