Aisha Badru - 'Lazy River'

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Singer/songwriter Aisha Badru returns with the gossamer folk-pop single 'Lazy River', a stunning introduction to her upcoming EP, 'Learning To Love Again', out June 2nd via Nettwerk.

The new single sits at the heart of 'Learning to Love Again' and is a thrilling departure for Aisha. A culmination of her personal and musical awakenings, it finds the singer stretching her oft-whispery voice to sweeping effect.

As she explained, “It’s this freeing of myself and allowing myself to try things that people would not expect of me,” she says of her vocals. “I feel more comfortable not meeting those expectations.” On the meaning of the song, she adds, “It’s about the healing process after loss. Emotional healing is a journey. True healing takes time and there should be no shame or urgency in any step of the process.”

Aisha delivers 'Lazy River' with an equally stunning music video directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, choregraphed by Nyda Kwasowsky and featuring dancer Amara Barner. Watch it below. 

Much of Aisha’s magic lies in alchemy, distilling an often-tangled human experience into simple truths, quieting the cacophony to pave a path towards introspection. Her work is at once powerful and beautiful. It’s why she boasts over 135 million streams, critical praise from the likes of NPR Music, Okayplayer, The Line of Best Fit, Afropunk, Clash, Ones To Watch and more, and why brands such as Volkswagen have tapped into her catalog to enlighten their own messages.

Aisha's career has fatefully led her to this exact point, beginning with her debut album, 'Pendulum', a melancholic musing on life’s highs and lows, through her last release, 'The Way Back Home', an optimistic take on the future. Badru found her voice the moment she decided to make music, but with 'Learning to Love Again', there’s now a palpable drive to amplify it.

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