MOONWOOD - 'Lady In Red'

Sydney's own MOONWOOD brings a captivating blend of stadium rock meet alt rock that showcases the band's incredible sound and storytelling abilities through their narrative about making sacrifices for love.

An upbeat love story, ‘Lady In Red’ brings together a catchy melody and rich instrumentation, making it the perfect release for Valentines Day. This romantic ode tells a beautiful story of Jake McCullough (the band's talented frontman) canceling his flight to LA to take a chance on a girl from Sydney.

Jake explained, “A few years ago, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to work in Los Angeles. Minutes before booking my flight and telling my boss I was leaving to pursue my dream I received a text message from a girl (the Lady in Red) asking if I was leaving. In recent weeks, I developed feelings for her despite being friends for years. I wasn't sure if she felt the same way. As far as I was concerned, I did not think I had any chance, as I only had a short timeframe to grab this opportunity in Los Angeles. Instead of flying, I decided to pursue a girl who might turn me down. The move was risky, but it was worth pursuing.”

MOONWOOD recorded ‘Lady in Red’ in 301 Studios in Alexandria, Sydney and Queens Rd Studio over at Lawson & a small cabin in Capertee. Working in collaboration with producer Grant Konemann, Matt Neighbour on the mix, and mastered by Greg Calbi & Steve Fallone; MOONWOOD entered this process with a dream time assembled to bring ‘Lady In Red’ to life.

Accompanying this incredible track, MOONWOOD release their lyric music video for ‘Lady In Red’ featuring Jake dancing in the middle of a street.

Jake continued, "We went on a ten-day writing retreat a while back with the hope of recording a few songs and making a three-track EP. After day ten, we had twelve songs. 'Lady in Red' was the first song we jammed on the spot. Justin just started playing the beat and the rest is history.”

With ‘Lady In Red’, MOONWOOD creates an unforgettable listening experience, following on from their 2022 record, 'Everything We Once Knew'. From this record, ‘Big Red Sun’ enjoyed national radio support early, with Coles Radio becoming an early champion of the track.

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