Alyssa Rose Hunt - 'Way Back'

Toronto-based artist, Alyssa Rose Hunt, has released the official music video for 'Way Back', a track featured on her recently unveiled album, 'Magnetic Muse Chapter 1'. The music video, a visual masterpiece inspired by the pure joy of artistic expression, is a reflection of Alyssa’s passion for her craft.

"I wanted it to be a video where I'm having fun singing and dancing to the music. Everytime I hear this song, all I want to do is dance" she says. For Alyssa Rose Hunt, the creation of the "Way Back" music video was an intensely personal journey. As she sang and danced to the captivating tune, it became a means of self-affirmation amidst the challenges of self-doubt and industry pressures.

"Coming from a dance background of 19 years, it's become a huge part of my identity. I dance to tell a story, as a form of therapy, and to just have fun" she confides. Alyssa incorporated an orange themed outfit to initiate the yang energy of the album, and the video was shot in an abandoned warehouse to symbolise bringing the old and new together - much like the theme of 'Magnetic Muse Chapter 1'.

'Way Back' goes beyond its lyrics about a past-life lover; it delves into the profound sensation of meeting someone who feels inexplicably familiar, as if they have crossed your path in a previous existence. These lyrics evoke the longing to understand the purpose of this connection in the present life, and whether destiny has intertwined your paths once more.

Alyssa Rose Hunt's music has always been an avenue for genuine self-expression, and 'Way Back' is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her artistic path. This captivating music video is a visual celebration of her journey, her music, and the power of self-acceptance.

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