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Marcus ‘M-Positive’ Parker - ‘Grown Folk Business’

  • 2 min read

Known for making motivational rap sounds that aim to inspire everyone who hears them, the incredibly talented Marcus ‘M-Positive’ Parker has recently shared a one-of-a-kind visual album titled ‘Grown Folk Business’. An album that doubles as an epic live performance, it’s designed as an heartfelt ode to ‘the young people of north Texas who have grown up listening to his music book’.

Released in June of this year, the album has become a passionate guide through the trials and triumphs of adult life, offering hope, hard earned lessons, and a helping hand through nine impressive tracks. An author and motivational speaker at heart, Marcus has constantly strived to instil a positive mental attitude in his audience, and his latest album is arguably his most evocative and ensnaring to date.

Reflecting on the challenges and experiences that Marcus has been through, ‘Grown Folk Business’ is accessible, relatable, and perfectly presented, covering difficult moments such as struggling with accepting your feelings, the hardships in opening up to family members and friends, and battling those feelings of feeling isolated and alone. It’s an album that is not just brilliantly entertaining, but also packed with important lessons and deeply human moments, teaching us how to tackle life’s curveballs and stay strong with the right mindset.

Backed by an old school rap sound that shines under modern production, Marcus has been able to give the album a contemporary touch, laying a perfect platform for his positive and empowering lyrics. A testament to Marcus’ unwavering commitment to inspiring others, ‘Grown Folk Music’ is a brilliant record that deserves all the attention and accolades in the world.

By seamlessly blending the musical elements of Southern rap with his positive message, Parker has created a unique and refreshing album that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on its listeners. You can experience Marcus’ latest musical journey of self-reflection and motivation above via YouTube.

Along with his work in music, Marcus has also built one of the world's first solar-powered 3D printing labs, creating customised night lights called Lit Pics. He has also written his own self-help book titled ‘Find the Lie and Fix the Problem: A tool for emotional healing’, which is available now on Amazon.

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