American-Ukrainian singer Kelsie Kimberlin shares epic song and video ‘We Are The Promise’

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The supremely talented Kelsie Kimberlin has started her very own revolution with her latest pop-rock-inspired single ‘We Are The Promise’. An American-Ukrainian musician with talent to spare, Kelsie doesn’t just create music; she crafts anthems of true emotion and experience, honing her skills to produce songs that aren’t just heard but felt and experienced deeply.

Through her new single, Kelsie paints a vivid picture, delving into a dark, new world where music is forbidden, and musicians face heavy consequences for defying the ‘law of silence.’ Kelsie plays the role of the musical protagonist who stands up to a dictator while his propaganda-zombified army constantly tries to stop her, but she always escapes at the last second.

The story is not only a metaphor for the actions of authoritarian regimes around the world, but also, in a sense, is a prediction of the processes that have been occurring in Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, and other authoritarian countries. After the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Russia banned not only protests, but also any anti-war or anti-Kremlin manifestations in art, songs, and public and personal statements. Thousands of ordinary citizens were arrested and imprisoned for violating these decrees. Ukrainian citizens made a moral choice to break free from the stranglehold of a dictator which resulted in a failed attempt by the dictator to destroy those citizens. Kelsie’s video is meant to inspire everyone who is similarly held down to rise and fulfil their divine promise.

Initially, Kelsie created the video not just for the song, but as a pilot episode for a cable series. Unfortunately, COVID hit in 2020 before it could be finished, and then the Russian invasion of Ukraine war began on February 24th, 2022. Kelsie’s friend and mentor Sergiy Krutsenko suddenly died a year ago on January 6th, 2023, while he was editing a video at his workplace. Therefore, his team in Ukraine finished the video and he is now looking down, happy with the final result. Kelsie's team is now actively looking for a cable company that will fulfil Sergiy's dream of creating a powerful series in which famous musicians will play episodic roles with Kelsie in the fight against fascism.

Kelsie has released the song and video for the anniversary of Sergiy's death and she has dedicated the video to him and all people who are fighting for the victory of freedom and democracy, especially in Ukraine. Kelsie is also dedicating this to the famous Ukrainian actor, Oleksandr Zhukovin, who stars as the dictator in the video. Although he plays the bad guy, today he is serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighting on the front lines in one of the most dangerous regions of Ukraine.

“We live in treacherous times with the rise of right-wing populism and the normalization of authoritarianism,” says Kelsie. “It is therefore very important that people around the world are aware of the threats to freedom and democracy from dictators who care only about power and control. All freedom-loving people must take individual and collective responsibility and oppose fascism in any form. My song and video are intended to inspire everyone to stand up for their rights in the face of these threats.”

Along with the release of the song and video, The Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation is collecting donations to rebuild Ukraine, provide medical care and rehabilitation to war victims, and gain further support for Ukraine, including musicians such as Jamala who are targeted for using their music for the greater good.

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