Lullabee explores sadness and loneliness in her seminal sophomore single ‘Home’

Having immediately made a name for herself with her debut single ‘Obsession’ back in October of last year, rising UK artist Lullabee has recently shared her stunning follow-up single ‘Home’. A track build around the feelings of sadness and loneliness that Lullabee felt during the global lockdowns, ‘Home’ is a perfect new release that marks Lullabee as an artist to watch.

In perfect form, the track presents her experiences and emotions in a raw, and wonderfully intimate way, balancing gorgeous orchestral arrangements with soft vocals and sincere, emotive lyrics. Packed with flickers of optimism and charm that cut through the song’s overarching melody, ‘Home’ provides a gentle reminder of a shared experience that so many of us had to get through in uncertain times.

Speaking about the single, Lullabee shared, “I wanted to make a track that connected with the world during a long period of time that was ripped away from us.” She continued, “A time when we didn’t feel connected to anything or anyone, a disaster has destroyed humanity into the present time”

The orchestral arrangement was recorded in Budapest, Hungary. The strings are a prominent part of the song, essentially in the last chorus resembling hopefulness in an era of desperation. The music video for ‘Home’ was recorded in her hometown in Southwest London.

Katie Brown, better known as Lullabee, is a rising artist from London, England. Crafting her life experiences into an intimate reality. Her soft vocals are unique within themselves through elements of Dark Pop with a sense of nostalgic indie. Her previous releases have secured Spotify support on Pure Indie, New Female Pop and radio play on Amazing Radio’s - Amazing Afternoon show. She will be showcasing her future releases live at her upcoming support shows across London & Brighton in February this year.

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