Angus Legg - 'Someone I Never Knew'

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With an unyielding vulnerability, Melbourne’s Angus Legg has today unveiled his latest emotionally fuelled pop heater, titled ‘Someone I Never Knew’.

Whilst the grief from the death of his father was the catalyst for this track, Angus Legg pulled profound wisdom to pen the lyrics, understanding that “a loved one cannot experience who you are today, and ultimately never know who you are to become.” With the vacancy of being unable to share those moments with his father, ‘Someone I Never Knew’ was an expression of Angus’ pride of who he had become, as well as his gratitude to acknowledge that he would not be the person he is today, without his fathers guidance.

Writing ‘Someone I Never Knew’ was Angus Legg’s moment to acknowledge the full force of what had happened for the first time, understanding that every part of him may not heal and that being okay. The moments spent working on the track, building inspiration in his own creativity, allowed Angus to reminisce and also move forward. Working with close friend San Joseph (Island Records) to produce the song, the two took an array of live elements; nylon string guitars, violin, cello, and mandolin to build up the instrumentation for the arrangement. ‘Someone I Never Knew’ was mixed by Hayden Francis, with mastering at Studio 301 by Ben Feggans.

Speaking candidly about the single, Angus shared, "My father passed away when I was 19, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and passed weeks later. Someone I Never Knew is a concept that explores the grief I’ve experienced and worked through during adolescence and into early adulthood. The inevitable truth became evident to me, a loved one cannot experience who you are today, and ultimately never know who you are to become. To me that has been the hardest thing to accept about grief, all the wounds have healed with time, except the idea of not being able to share triumph and failure with someone so close to you, that’s permanent, and the saddest part about death. I express the lyric with an undertone of pride, and gratitude, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the father I had, and ironically, the growth the death of my father inspired.”

Angus continued, “The process was reviving for me, it was an incredible way to reflect and reminisce in ways I hadn’t before. It helped me heal parts that hadn’t healed properly yet, whilst also acknowledging some parts may never heal, and that being okay. It helped me fall in love with the process of making music and being creative again. It has been such an incredible experience in so many ways it’s hard to put into words. I also worked on the track with my close friend San Joseph, which was incredibly fun. We both live together so we had plenty of time to make it the best it could possibly be. Joey is an incredible producer, we used a plethora of  live elements including; nylon string guitar, violin, cello and mandolin. I wrote this song in an hour, it was midway through lockdown in 2020, my body knew exactly what it wanted to say.”

A moving visual accompaniment, the music video for ‘Someone I Never Knew’ is compiled of the precious moments between a young Angus Legg and his father. The handycam footage is paired as a visual motif to the themes of love, loss, and revered time together covered throughout the track. The video provides an even deeper look into the connection between Angus Legg and his father.

With ‘Someone I Never Knew’ continuing to build Angus Legg’s narrative as a vulnerable, articulate and moving singer/songwriter, his proclivity for emotionally fuelled pop songs grows, as does his reputation across Australia.

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