Divers - 'Security'

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Pulling together a myriad of different sonics, inspirations and feelings, Divers are today sucking fans into the vortex that is their dreamy and spirited new single ‘Security’.

Grooving, wandering drums back a hazy vocal from Scott McQuilten, meandering atop a pulsating guitar jangle and drifting synths. Somewhat ambiguous vocals push ‘Security’ into a land of pre-determined cryptic vagueness, with apologies from McQuilten littered throughout the chorus, possibly marking the start of a new period in their lives. Inspired by its double-meaning of safety or rejection, ‘Security’ provides a way for Divers to be both direct and in-direct, within the same moment.

Alongside the release of ‘Security’ Divers are also ecstatic to be announcing their EP ‘Economy Class’, which will feature a further five tracks alongside ‘Security’. Allowing themselves to explore as musically broadly as possible, Divers have pushed their own internal boundaries to bring together a collection of feelings and moments in their lives, to form the upcoming EP. True to their own DIY ethic, the band recorded the tracks for all of the EP at their home studio in Melbourne.

Divers said, “We liked that the word security has two meanings. The state of feeling safe and free from danger, but then also the people who will kick you out of the pub if you’re too fucked up. Security feels like that, it’s ambiguous and avoidant but at times direct and to the point. I think it was supposed to be an apology of sorts but even with the lyrics in the chorus, the words wouldn’t come out right. It ends up being a mumbled mess of stubbornness with no definite ending."

Alongside ‘Security’, Divers are also unveiling an accompanying music video, capturing their time together in one of their favourite spots; Melbourne’s China Town. Exuberant and playful, the video sees Divers as authentic as ever, being wholeheartedly themselves whilst diving deep into the night.

Hand plucked by Violent Soho guitarist & Domestic La La’s founder James Tidswell, Divers combine multi-instrumentalists Ben Bray, Scott McQuilten, Jake Green and Tom Evans. Video calls and a joint love of music led to the band signing with Domestica La La, joining a roster of Australia’s finest rock-influenced outfits, including Dear Seattle, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, LOSER, and more. Support from taste-maker triple j (Home & Hosed), as well as triple j Unearthed (Rotation, Top 5 Tracks of The Week) would follow, with praise from Pilerats and Beat Magazine quickly following.

Sharing stages recently with The Terrys, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, STUMPS, Jebediah, and stacks more, Divers are not only a bands favorite band, but are swiftly growing a reputation as one of Melbourne’s finest guitar-led outfits, with comedian Aaron Gocs a supporter as well. With ‘Security’ in their back pocket and more to come off of ‘Economy Class’, Divers are undoubtedly posed to light up Australia with their eclectic mix of influences from indie, rock, psych, and a bit of everything in between.

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