Another Sky release new single 'The Pain' with video inspired by TV series 'Severance'

Another Sky are excited to release ‘The Pain’, the new single from their upcoming second album 'Beach Day', due for release on 1st March via Fiction Records and Virgin Music Group.

For the accompanying video, the band’s Art Director Darina had a lightbulb moment with an homage to the band’s favourite TV show ‘Severance’. All three of the band’s upcoming music videos play with the idea of multiple selves. The video sees the band working in an office as colleagues, unaware that in a parallel universe, they may well be in a Crypt together, playing as a band.

Catrin of the band explained, “In the video Office Catrin is desperate to be liked by her fellow colleagues. But then she sees the version of herself she wishes she could be, Musician Catrin, which causes her to fully break down. It was a lot of fun to act out.” 

Up-and-coming visual artist Darina also captured the album artwork for the band’s sophomore album, 'Beach Day' on the South Coast of England, showing the band lost at sea, leaning on each other for comfort. ‘The Pain’ is the latest in a wave of hard-hitting and exciting comeback singles released over the last few months by the South London-based quartet.

'Psychopath' was a far more punchy and direct rock song than anything the band had previously released, and was followed up with ‘A Feeling’ which received strong support across BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. Continuing the ferocious sentiments and instrumentation of the previous two singles, they swiftly followed with Burn The Way’ and last month released ‘Uh Oh!’ which saw the South London quartet wrestling with their newly found creative zest, holding frustration and hindsight with both hands and having a lot of fun with it too. The band announced Beach Day last month with a brand-new track that does not appear on Beach Day, ‘Aimee Caught A Moth’.  

Vocalist Catrin Vincent has to say about the track, “’The Pain’ is about looking back at your younger self with humour, compassion and fondness. It’s about missing the naivety of youth as well as embracing the wisdom of growing older, finally understanding why you’re drawn to people who hurt you. It’s an ode to living and thanking dramatic events for the lessons they teach you instead of wallowing in your mistakes.”

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