BAYNK Releases 'Feel' from His Forthcoming and Highly Anticipated Album 'Senescence'

New Zealand-born, LA-based electronic artist and producer BAYNK continues the episodic release of his forthcoming album, 'Senescence', with the 'Senescence 03+04' bundle. This bundle features the focus single 'Feel', alongside 'Blood'. The album is set to be fully released later in the year.

About 'Feel', BAYNK shares, "'Feel' is about not taking yourself too seriously. Trying not to let life's challenges take you down before you're even out the door. Let your gut and passion dictate your actions."

He continues, "The second verse references a quote from a Charles Bukowski poem, 'Don't try..' Which I found particularly helpful in writing this song. I was finding that trying to force a certain song or sound out of me would always lead to mediocre work. Instead, I needed to just let what happens, happen, and not to think too much about what was pouring out of me or critique it heavily in the moment."

'Feel' follows last month's release, 'Fool For You', which premiered in the US on KEXP and was included in KCRW's '5 Songs to Hear This Week'. In Australia, it received widespread acclaim, being added to rotation on Edge Radio and garnering coverage from tastemakers like Acid Stag, Amnplify, Music Feeds, Tone Deaf, Check Check and more.

While BAYNK's debut album 'Adolescence' explored themes of growth and youthful possibilities, 'Senescence' delves into the passing of time and the realisation of life's impermanence.

Since his 2017 debut, BAYNK has amassed over half a billion streams across his independently-released discography, solidifying his position as one of New Zealand's biggest musical exports. He earned a GRAMMY nomination for his debut album 'Adolescence', which Pitchfork praised as his 'most meticulous work to date'. He has collaborated with artists like Tinashe, Sinead Harnett, Cub Sport and Cosmo's Midnight, but his solo work, including the indie-dance anthem 'go with u', continues to be the crown jewel of his catalogue.

BAYNK is not just a musician but a full-circle creator, responsible for his own creative direction, from music videos to tour visuals, alongside collaborator Spencer Graves.

With sold out shows across the globe and performances at major festivals, BAYNK's kinetic live shows have marked him as one of the scene's most enigmatic artists to watch.

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