Second Choice & Dimi De San share ‘It's Over', A Cinematic Journey Through Isolation and Loss

Swedish artist Second Choice, the solo project of veteran guitarist Fredrik Lindström, has unveiled a haunting new track, ‘It's Over’, featuring the emotive lyrics and vocals of Dimi De San. Released alongside a visually striking music video, the song explores themes of isolation, heartache, and the finality of a broken relationship, stitching together stark, musical tones with a blossoming emotional weight.

Lindström, who has been active in the music scene since 1992, founded Second Choice in 2010 as an outlet for his experimental musical ideas. After a period of reflection and hiatus, the project was revived in 2019, with a renewed focus on collaboration.

‘It’s Over’ is a powerful return to the project, following in the wake of recent releases like ‘Autumn Rain’ and ‘Symphony of Terror’. Opening under the gorgeous spell of haunting piano chords and whispered tones, the new single lures you into a world of heartache and regret. Soaring vocals from Dimi De San cry out amidst the swirling layers of instrumentation, conveying the raw emotion and isolated moments that accompany a broken heart. The song builds with driven percussion and dramatic orchestral swells, creating a sense of urgency and desperation as it progresses, while the cinematic soundscape reflects the intensity of the lyrics.

Simple yet powerful, the lyrics echo the universality of heartbreak. De San's poetic style adds another layer of depth to the track, with lines like "My tears that no one sees / My prayers that no one hears" evoke a sense of profound loneliness and the pain of unheard cries. The repetition of the phrase "It's over" emphasises the finality of the situation, while the plaintive melody conveys the singer's sadness and longing.

Accompanying the new single is an equally impressive music video, which serves as a visual echo of the song's emotional landscape. Dark, sweeping scenes of crashing waves, desolate coastlines, and stark mountain vistas mirror the feelings of solitude and despair conveyed in the lyrics.

‘It's Over’ marks a significant step in Second Choice's evolution, showcasing Lindström's growth as a songwriter and his ability to blend genres seamlessly. The track's dark, atmospheric soundscapes are reminiscent of artists like Depeche Mode and The Cure, while De San's vocals bring a raw, emotional intensity to the forefront.

With the release, Second Choice has crafted a powerful and moving piece of art that explores the depths of human emotion with unflinching honesty. It's a must-listen for fans of dark, atmospheric music and anyone who has ever experienced the pain of heartbreak and loss.

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