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CLO – ‘Blackout’

  • 2 min read

For the beautiful and talented CLO, there was never going to be a Plan B in life. A talented singer, songwriter, and performer whose passion and creativity are simply unparalleled, CLO has risen to become one of pop’s most vibrant and innovative new icons. Armed with a disarming and powerful sound that builds on her love of Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, CLO has become a fierce new voice in the alt-pop world, unleashing singles like ‘Real’ and ‘Sliding Doors’ to critical acclaim.

Today, she’s heralded as a new popstar that is ready to take on the world, and with over 38,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, its easy to see why. Gorgeous, talented, and with a pure soul that shines through her music, CLO is on the top of her game, and it all started with the vibrant debut single, ‘Blackout’.

"'Blackout' to me is really about empowerment through loss. The best revenge is living well, being a strong, young woman," says CLO on her new single, a retro soul permission slip to fade out the madness stronger and smarter. "We see all too often, especially at my age, girls being treated like trash by these men and we're just not going to take it anymore. We grow from the pain; we're going to live well and know our self-worth."

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Blackout’ was also released alongside a gorgeous new video which was directed by Nikko LaMere and produced by Marco Dinero and Ajr Films. You can stream the video below via YouTube, and check out ‘Real’ on our annual Spotify playlist, where it’s streaming alongside CLO’s other hit single, ‘Blackout’.

Armed with an unapologetic and fearless streak that deep lies in her appreciation for artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, CLO has undoubtedly asserted herself as a sublime talent to watch. With a lavish sound, fierce look, and plenty of hits, she’s a perfect personification of power and strength through adversity.

Stream her latest single above and make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on CLO’s blossoming musical career.

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