Clover da Voice blurs the line between rap and cinema with ‘Augustus’

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A raw talent from East London, British rapper Clover da Voice cements his status as a powerful up-and-coming talent with his debut single and music video, ‘Augustus’. More than just a musician, Clover da Voice is a multidisciplinary storyteller with a unique vision that fuses music and cinematic flair.

His debut single, ‘Augustus’, is a testament to this ambition, blurring the lines between sonic artistry and visual storytelling. Through the single and music video, Clover da Voice paints a vivid picture, exploring themes relatable to the relentless pursuit of dreams and the obstacles encountered along the way.

Leading up to the release of ‘Augustus’, Clover da Voice captivated fans with a unique visual rollout. His micro-short film trilogy, ‘Steps to Augustus’ acted as a cinematic prelude to the single. The series weaves a narrative mirroring the single's themes of ambition, struggle, and overcoming adversity. The trilogy's compelling visuals not only built anticipation, but also solidified Clover da Voice's status as a multi-dimensional artistic force.

Charged with a bold cinematic connection, the official music video seamlessly incorporates characters from the ‘Steps to Augustus’ trilogy. This deliberate move strengthens the bond between Clover's music and film ventures, creating an immersive world where his artistry takes centre stage.

Clover da Voice's boundary-pushing approach signals a refreshing change in the landscape of the UK rap scene. The artist's insistence on interweaving music and film sets him apart, hinting at a multi-faceted career ripe with potential. As ‘Augustus’ gains momentum, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Clover da Voice's creative journey, where music and cinema undeniably intertwine.

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