The innovative Maya Clars returns with her evocative new single 'Typhoon'

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Maya Clars, the innovative and wonderfully refreshing musician behind last year's 'Akinario', has recently shared her latest imaginative work, following up her previous single in perfect form with 'Typhoon'. Released late last month, 'Typhoons' is an expressive new offering that perfectly showcases a compelling evolution in her sound, while maintaining that signature depth from 'Akinario'.

A noted departure from her previous single, 'Typhoon', sees Maya embracing a calmer atmospheric sound infused with classical sensibilities. It paints a vivid picture of inescapable events that engulf the listener, blending style and substance to create a complete listening experience. Throughout, Maya explores the idea that while these incoming events may seem ominous, we are often already immersed within them.

With a nuanced layer of poignant introspection, the track's alternative foundation is enriched with a touch of classical elegance, suggesting a unique and nuanced approach to composition. Listeners will likely appreciate the song's inventive structure and compelling melodies.

Speaking about the new single, Maya shared, "'Typhoon' is a pretty calm song with classical overtones. These are about omnipresent events that seem to cover us from head to toe. It seems that this is something terrible, but in fact, we are already mired in quicksand. The song has a unique structure and interesting melodic ideas. The genre of the song is alternative, with a bit of a classic feel."

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