Criminal Crimes – ‘The Crazy Cattle People’

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A new rock band from Bergen, Norway, Criminal Crimes have been carving up Europe’s blossoming underground circuit recently, unleashing a string of rough-and-ready singles that have attracted over 24,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Armed with a sound that is unwavering and constantly pushing boundaries, the duo is eager to make their mark, and with new single ‘The Crazy Cattle People’, they’re certainly on their way.

Inspired by a diverse range of sources from Johann Sebastian Bach, Miles Davis and even Disturbed, Criminal Crimes was born from the belief that most “bands these days are so disingenuous, without even knowing what that means”, and so their music stands a wild, resilient ode classic rock that hit hard and held firm to some heavy core beliefs.

As the band say, “everything goes” in their music, and their debut single ‘Windmill of Death’ certainly proved that. Now, with the release ‘The Crazy Cattle People’, they’ve raised the bar again, lashing out with a self-assured slice of caustic rock that is sure to impress.

Available now alongside the official lyric video, ‘The Crazy Cattle People’ hits with an intensity and immediacy that has been long lost in modern rock. With heavy, demonic vocals that cut and carve out an undeniable path, the song shakes the foundations in all the best ways. You can stream the new video below, and it’s also streaming on our official YouTube playlist alongside a stream of other great clips from the year so far.

With howling guitars and plenty of grit determination, Criminal Crimes have made themselves known with an unflinching slice of punk-rock brilliance. Check out the new single above and make sure you follow the band on Instagram and Facebook below, so you never miss another release.

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