Katiria – ‘Hypnosis’

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A singer, songwriter, and writer born and raised in Puerto Rico, Katiria took her first steps towards international stardom at the tender age of eight, performing in local talents shows, school plays, and dance academies, all while writing her own songs. Ever since that day, she’s worked constantly to achieve her dreams, building her Latin pop sound and constantly looking to improve. After breaking into the spotlight in 2020 with the release of her critically acclaimed debut single, ‘Mientes’, Katiria has become a fixture of modern music, and today, she’s unveiled another incredible single.

A stunning talent who has collaborated with producers from around the world, Katiria has created a gorgeous modern pop sound, one that shines with colours of her heritage, while also staying true to contemporary reggaeton rhythms. Inspired by artists such as Becky G, Danna Paola and Rosalía, Katiria’s sound is fresh, original, and impossible to ignore, and her new single is easily one of her most charming and effective to date.

Titled ‘Hypnosis’, the new cut is a transformational piece, one that flows with effortless charm and plenty of Latin pop vibes. Taking to social media earlier, Katiria announced the single stating, “I'm finally telling you I've been working on this project for months & it's one of my favourites, for sure. This month starts a new KATIRIA.”

Along with the release of the single, Katiria has also shared the official music video for the track, which was directed, edited, and produced by Marcus Daniels of Screen Break. Check it out below via YouTube, or listen to ‘Hypnosis’ now on all major streaming services.

An undeniable artist who keeps proving her talents time and time again, Katiria is undoubtedly embarking on a new phase in her career, and with almost 10,000 streams for the new video already, it’s clear that the world is responding.

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