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A stunning alt-electronic talent who has become widely known for her ability to incorporate pure emotion with elegant and perfectly polished electronic hues, CYVELLA is arguably one of the 2021’s most vibrant new stars. A creative chameleon with a penchant for seamlessly shifting between styles, CYVELLA was born during the recent pandemic, rising from the heart and mind of central songwriter Marlain Angelides after she found a need to express all her deepest desires. Today, Marlain is ready to release the first glimpse of CYVELLA, unleashing the debut upcoming electro-rock EP, ‘RICH’.

Titled ‘DIRT’ and released today alongside its edgy new video, the new single is a perfect introduction to the new project, delivering an upbeat, incandescent melody and some of the most gorgeous vocals you’ll hear anywhere this year. Shaped by an unprecedented pandemic, CYVELLA’s new single embodies the point of view of a citizen of the world, bringing a truthful, raw, sometimes ironic, and sensitive wit to a tale of woe. With a dynamic, smoky, vibrant voice that has been celebrated the world over, ‘DIRT’ sees her perfectly combining a sharp electronic sound with, old school music hall, punk attitude, and a child-like vulnerability.

When speaking about the new single, Marlain elaborated, “From the wound timepiece introduction to the affected English accent of the vocals, ‘DIRT’ is without a doubt a quirky offering. The words and melody were imagined on a plane, during the pandemic. We have spent so much time in forced isolation, alone with our desires, and often with only text to communicate, so our choices of words are more important than ever. There is no straightforward interpretation here, it has double meanings, contradictions and layers to it.”

She continued, expressing her thoughts on the new EP, “The EP is built upon double entendres. It sometimes reflects the complexity of womanhood and what it means to be a woman in the modern age. There are masked secret desires; dominance is juxtaposed with submissiveness; pain and sorrow are married with folly and a hopeful sense of humour.”

You can stream ‘DIRT’ alongside its edgy new video below.

A true testament to the project, the Huffington Post raved about the new single, expressing, “Angelides’ seductive, dreamily-flowing voice sets the song apart. It’s a voice that discharges psychic auras of electrical hues, forceful yet palpably elegant and polished, like an implacable force brooding over an enigmatic objective. It’s a superb vocal instrument, exciting pangs of romantic envy, lucid exposition and a raffish sonic heedlessness that’s spectacular…”

Dive into the elaborate new single above and be sure to keep an eye out for the full EP when its released-on May 28th this year.

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